Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fights, Weaponsmasters, and Everything Inbetween.

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a big fighter. I've done martial arts most of my life and I'm into stage combat. So when I saw Life, the Universe and Everything had “Stage combat” listed as a potential thing this year, I contacted them.

And ended up running my own presentation: “Fights and Weaponsmasters: What to do when your character knows more about fighting than you.”

Now, a note for those who don't know: Life, the Universe and Everything (LTUE) is a conference for writers and enthusiasts of science fiction and fantasy. This means I was listed along-side people like Tracy Hickman, David Wolverton and other great authors, each one giving insights gained from years on the best-sellers list. You may be wondering what I had to say compared to so many great novelists. I wondered the same thing.

But seriously, I couldn't have asked for a better time at the conference. Fighting is the one subject I really know a lot about, the room was packed with a responsive audience that asked good questions and gave good comments, and I had a whole mess of fun. I even saw a few people I recognized, which was awesome! The response was so positive that I got two pages of emails from people who wanted copies of my presentation. (For those of you who were there on Saturday, thanks for being a great audience!)

The link to the powerpoint is above and I'll post the video later this week. Seriously, LTUE this year was a blast for me, and thank you to everyone who helped make it that way. I don't know what will happen next year (I'll probably be in LA), but if I can come back and they'll let me, I'd love to do this again.

Thanks everyone! And if anyone has questions on the presentation, or just wants some further insight into the topic, just let me know.

Edit: Apparently I forgot to site a source.  A lot of my background in fighting came from my older brothers, and I specifically asked my brother Paul to look over my presentation before I gave it.  He's a great fighter and really knows his stuff, and I'm glad for the help he gave me putting this thing together.


  1. I wanted to be the committee member to present your panel, but somebody else had already signed up for it. Sad. Thanks for putting the power point up, at least I can get a taste of what I missed.

    Laura J.

  2. Hey Adam,

    I've been too slow getting this comment to you, but your workshop was one of the best at LTUE in a long time. It was fresh, something different for us long time attendees. You did a terrific job. You should announce when you are presenting next. And if you do come back to LTUE as them for a double time slot, you totally need it!


  3. Chris, people like you make me feel very happy inside. Thanks, and if I can be at LTUE again next year I'm totally going.