Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Extra Credits

I think this will be a trend for me: Plugging things I think are awesome. Today's plug, however, goes beyond awesome. More like bungee jumping from a freight train into an active volcano awesome. The kind of place usually reserved for Andre the Giant and David Farland.

As I'm sure you've figured out, I'm a big fan of things with great artistic value. Not that stories, books, movies and such can't just be amazingly fun, but there's something to fun that's also meaningful. To something that can change your life and make you see yourself in a new light. I'm happy to announce I've found like-minded souls.

Extra Credits is a webseries hosted by escapistmagazine.com that likes to discuss video games. However, unlike a lot of other group of internet users who like to discuss video games, these guys each have extensive experience in the video game industry, building games, advancing the industry, things like that. The best part, however, is how amazingly smart each of them is. (Seriously, the only other person I've heard rattle off the names of so many philosophers and literary theorists is my wife.)

They don't just talk about games, they discuss, in depth, how games really are changing the face of art. They discuss it takes to be a game designer in today's market, (a working knowledge of psychology, art theory, programming, communication, and the universe itself,) what's going on in current events with the game industry, and what it means both for the industry and for us as a public.

And it's really, really funny, too. Like, laugh out loud funny without losing a single, delicious, poignant moment. That's what I really love about it.

So for anyone interested in storytelling, art, or playing video games, please take a look. Seriously, it's that awesome. Not only will you discover how Mass Effect 2 succeeded and God of War 2 and 3 failed to be true cultural achievements, you just might learn something that, as an actor and a writer, you just might be involved with one day.

In other news, Life as I Knew it has encountered a problem, but will be put on the back burner and just might get done some day. For now, I'm still working on my book (I've got to get a working title. Hoc Moiraad just doesn't cut it,) and I'm working on a new web series as well. this one is tentatively titled "Minecraft!" (Yep, after the game.) More on that as it unfolds, but this one should be promising and highly entertaining.

So you all in print,

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