Saturday, March 12, 2011

Updates A-Hoy!

I found the coolest article today.

Yes it's old now, but it's still an interview with a stage choreographic legend. One day I will be him.

I got the part in "The Diary of Anne Frank." I'm playing Mr. Van Daan, the jerk of a roommate the Franks are stuck with. On one side it's cool: my wife in the show is being played by a friend of mine. On the other hand, I have to do that special acting trick of learning to like playing a douche bag. But that's why we're professionals.

Still working on Hoc Moiraad, and I've been learning from my writing group that my ideas are great, but I still have a while to go before my prose communicates to others what's actually going on in my head. It's not surprising: up until now, most of my work has been with screen plays, where you don't have to write what the actor does. In prose it's not that easy.

I've heard the advice to new authors before that you should figure out what actor would play your character if it were a movie, and that helps you write your character well. I was always afraid to go that route, but maybe I should try it. It's just that when I write for an actor, I only write the words and trust him to communicate the nuances. Yeah, that doesn't really work for prose...

Oh, and it's official. Brandon Sanderson will be appearing in Episode three of my upcoming series: "The Writing Group." Have I mentioned I feel pretty cool about that?

See you all in print,

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  1. On the one hand I'm jealous. On the other, you should ask him how he's doing for me.