Saturday, April 9, 2011

A reel and an LA trip, for your indulgance.

If you haven't noticed, I added a new page that's got my reel on it.

However, I will say that, in the process of getting my reel together, I had so many great scenes that either had footage or format problems, or that I simply couldn't get, that it's missing some really good stuff. So, hopefully, I'll be changing it up a bit over the coming months.

So I got back from LA yesterday. It was fun, but feels like it was over far too quickly given how long we had to drive to get there. For those who haven't heard, we took a small showcase of songs, scenes and monologues down to perform for agents and casting directors. We got some really good, positive feedback, and

I also had the most interesting conversation with Bill, who I assume was a casting agent. He talked to me about how American upcoming actors aren't coming out of their programs with as much technical skill and emotional depth anymore, and that's why people are hiring so many actors from Britain and Australia these days. I'm not sure what I can do about that, except try my hardest to develop more technique and emotional honesty.

So, I've cast my first net and I can only hope something great comes from it. Meanwhile, I'll just keep doing everything I can, building my resume and reel, and get ready to move down there. Because one thing that I did get from this trip is that I now know for sure I'm good enough to make it in that market, and that sort of encouragement was well worth the trip.

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