Sunday, May 22, 2011

CONduit and a radio play. Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Creating a web-series is a hard thing to do. Especially when you're working around people's schedules still in school and are insisting that the project, even with such scheduling problems, be held up to a minimum standard of excellence.

So with that in mind, I have to announce the end of the "Writing Group" web-series project. It's just not possible to complete anymore.

This makes me sad as it was one of my favorite projects, but what can you do? I do, however, have the chance to announce some new ideas.

For one, not only will I be putting up my presentations from LTUE and CONduit on Youtube, but now I'll officially be hosting my own interviews with some of the panelists as well. So far I've booked David Farland, Howard Tayler, Michaelbrent Collings and a few others. When these are done they'll be posted here and on facebook for your viewing pleasure, as well as my personal presentation on CONduit in general.

Also, and we're still in talks, I may be doing something great with a radio play based on James Dashner's book "The Maze Runner". More details on that soon, but it sounds amazing.

My show's opening this week. "The Diary of Anne Frank." My final show in Provo before I move to New York and start a professional acting career. I hope all this holds me over acting-wise until I leave. That's such an odd thought: Provo's been my home for years now, but in about 3 weeks I leave, probably never to come back.

I'm so excited to finally start making these things happen.


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