Friday, May 27, 2011

CONduit, Day 1

CONduit started today. You know, this is actually only my second convention ever. The first one was LTUE this same year, which is technically a symposium. Before today thought I was knowledgeable about geek culture, but today I found out just how little I actually know.

I had one of the best conversations ever with Larry Correira (keep watching this spot for the video of the interview.) You know, as an interviewer sometimes it's your job to provide entertainment or lead a conversation, and sometimes your job is to just sit back and bask in the glow of awesomeness that is your interviewee. I got to listen to Larry talk about his amazing tour schedule (7 states in two weeks and he's still standing,) the fan response that's gone above and beyond anything he could have ever hoped for (he has pictures of military groups actually using his Monster Hunter emblem on their uniforms,) and we even got to talk about the true pronunciation of his name (which I got right!)

Howard Tayler is an interesting person to interview, but he had some good points. For one, he argued that science fiction web comics should be attending literary conventions instead of comic book ones, as they'll find more of their fans and real peers among aspiring authors.

Unfortunately, David Farland couldn't make it today. Something in his hotel room started an allergic reaction, and by the time it was done he had to run home and he's not sure he'll even be able to attend CONduit this year.

I'm happy I got to come to CONduit this year. I've already met awesome people and learned a lot about my craft, and with two more days to go this promises to be a truly great weekend.

If you're there, say hi. If you're not, watch for the videos and I'll let you know everything that's been going on.

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