Sunday, May 29, 2011

Conduit was a blast, thank you to everyone who made it possible

CONduit was a blast to attend this year. A beautiful, beautiful experience that I couldn't have felt better about unless Hugo awards had been involved. To all the people who put it on and made me feel so welcome I'd like to thank you and amazing job. If things work out (and I really hope they do) and I have enough money to afford the plane ticket, I'm definitely coming back next year. Anyone have an opinion what panels or presentations they'd like to see me in for CONduit 2012?

Those of you attending might have noticed me walking around with a camera a lot. I decided to cover the convention generally and record my experiences, as well as conduct some very great interviews with some of the author in attendance. These interviews will be put up as soon as possible, and include things like discussing new publishing with Tracy Hickman, talking to Larry Correira about how he got the idea for Monster Hunter International, listening to Howard Tayler tell why he feels more at home in a convention on books than one on comics, and talking to Micheal Young and Amber Argyle about their books and what's specifically unique to their works.

So I've been thinking about my website a lot lately and I've got some ideas for things I'd like to do with it that I'd like to ask for some opinion on.

Idea #1: Life of the Modern Bard Podcast. Why did I chose "Life of the Modern Bard" to march in bold letters across the top of my blog? Because one day I realized, at least in the post DnD world and terminology, that 'bard' summed up quite nicely everything I'm doing with my life. I sing, I dance, I act, I write, I tell stories, and when the mood strikes me I'll even try my hand at poetry. So why not talk about it?

Every week (or month, I make no promises until I know my schedule) I'd be chatting it up with fellow bards. Actors, novelists, screen-writers, anyone and everyone who congruently creates this lovely beast we call "the entertainment industry." And since I'm me, we'd probably talk a lot about nerd culture, games, movies, role-playing, and any other interesting thoughts or stories. Maybe I'll even get to plug the upcoming authors, artists, and other people that I think are worthy of attention.

And I'd have a shot of the week. A non-alchoholic, caffeine and energy-drink free something that nonetheless should only be consumed in shot-glass sized portions. Am I wrong for being more excited about that part than everything else above?

Idea #2 Fight of the Month. My panels on fights have had such a positive response (and thank you so much to everyone who's attended them so far, I appreciate the love,) that I'm thinking about having a fight of the month or week as I can swing it. In this video podcast I'd be showing off a fully-formed and practiced fight for you, maybe taking the time to answer any fight-related questions you might have. If I can work it in I might even be able to take requests in the fight itself, if there's some weapon you're curious about or a concept you'd like to see explored in our videos.

Feel free to contact me with your thoughts on the above ideas, but I'm feeling really good about them and I can almost say with certainty that you'll be seeing these things coming soon to this site.

Anyway, thanks as always for reading. See you in print.


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