Thursday, June 16, 2011

The interviews!

So I did my interview, edited them together, got them put up on the video page for you to view, and now I have a confession to make: I used very bad equipment.

Actually, most of the interviews were un-salvageable because of bad equipment. I've got a few apologies to write to the authors who's interviews can't be shown, and frankly the ones that can be shown are not nearly as good as I wish they were. Still, it's a start.

I'm going to be trying the same thing at World Con, only this time with better equipment, better camera and sound help, and better editing and we'll see what happens. Still, I hope you enjoy listening to some authors discussing some important things about writing and their lives.

Visit the Video page, or just click on these links:
Larry Correia Interview Tracy Hickman Interview

See you all in print,
Adam Meyers


  1. That's too bad, at least I got to listen in on a few. Maybe grab some mics or something for the future?
    At least you learned something, right? :P

  2. Well include a link to the ones that DID work, sillypants.