Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jimmy Fallon, Fighting, and the Future

Yesterday, after I was done with my Wing Tsun class and had some time to kill I found the January 20th 2011 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Normally I don't read Rolling Stone (Nothing against it, I'm just horribly busy) but this issue had a giant picture of Jimmy Fallon on the cover, so I had to open it up.

Now for those of you who don't know, Jimmy Fallon is my hero. I don't know how many of you watch his show or are really aware of what he does, but I have followed the man, read about him, and frankly if I could be him I would consider myself extremely lucky.

He's the youngest talk-show host on TV right now.

He's had a successful career in SNL.

He's starred in movies (all flops, but still.)

And apparently he's one of the only comedians what's as happy off-stage as he is on.

The man's current job as a talk-show host is really just a platform for the guy's one-man-show. He does everything: He sings, he dances, he acts in some very well-made parodies, and he gets to interview cool people about random things. His popularity is almost more from viral web videos of his acts than his actual air time. Heck, he's the only talk show host I'm aware of that's had Felicia Day on talking about her multiple webseries and what video games she plays!

The point is, the man lives his life the way he wants, and his professional career is nothing short of everything he likes to do, and like most, that's the life and career I want to have.

There's only one problem. Jimmy Fallon prepared his whole life for what he is. Apparently, when he was young, he'd actually skip out on parties so he wouldn't miss Saturday Night Live. He kind of dedicated his life to getting on that show, and it seems like everything he's every done or wanted to do has grown out of that life-long preparation. Meanwhile, what have I been doing with my life, and how have I been preparing myself?

That's what I really learned from Jimmy Fallon and this interview in Rolling Stone. The need to move oneself in specific ways towards a specific goal. I know that's not really news to all of you, but reading about how my professional hero got where he did has made me think more about the age-old questions of where do I want to go and how will I get there?

As of now, my professional activities are going something like this:

Get a day-job teaching ballroom dance. I need money, and that's the most enjoyable day-job I can think of that I'm not only qualified for, but will get other things out of the way I need to do like working out and improving my dancing and such.

Writing. I will never stop writing short stories and Fantasy novels. That doesn't really connect to anything else I want to do but I don't care: I wouldn't be happy if I wasn't creating worlds for others to enjoy.

And Auditioning. I'm still hoping to get myself some good roles on Broadway, off Broadway, and in films and TV. It's fun, it pays (hopefully) and it uses the skills I've learned and spent my college career honing into a finely tunes weapon of artistic entertainment.

And now, as I sit here thinking about where I want to end up in my life, I'm adding other things to the mix:

Interviews. I'm going to make a professional youtube channel. This is the channel where I'll be interviewing authors, covering events like World Con, and hopefully drawing all sorts of crowds with my amazing wit and camera presence, or whatever the heck you call it. I'm not quite sure what all will be put on here, but now that I have a better camera all I need is to learn how to edit and we'll be in business.

Fight of the Month: On my company website and youtube channel (, or thedropdeadstudio on youtube. Drop Dead, who knew I'd picked such an appropriate name?) I'll be doing at least one fight per month. Hopefully I'll be doing shorts and stuff there too, but that will depend on what sort of response I get to the fights and what sort of time I can commit to it.

And, at least for now, I'm thinking of starting a vlog. I'm not sure why, I already have this website to talk on, but maybe for the next month or so I'll do it just to try it out. Maybe you'll all decide you like it better and I'll switch completely? Meh, it's possible.

And where do I want to end up by doing all of this? To be honest, I'm not quite sure yet. I just know I want to have fun and be a personality for other people's enjoyment, and these are the vehicles I've chosen to get me there. Maybe I'll become the video face of the genre fiction market? That certainly would be fun, and it's a void I'd love to fill, and after all, that's what I learned from good old Jimmy: find what you like to do and do it well. Don't waste time, make yourself as good as you need to be.

So hopefully I'll see you all in print and on camera. Wish me luck.

A very introspective Adam Meyers

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