Saturday, June 18, 2011

New York Fights and Jedi

I've been in New York a week now, and while I don't yet have a job, it's been such a great time I'm already glad I came.

For one thing, I'm taking Wing Tsun, which is a horribly different martial art than anything I've ever done before. For another, I just started taking a smallsword class and ended up meeting what feels like all the big fight-choreographers in New York. We went out for Chinese.

It looks like I'll be making those "fight of the Month" videos for sure, now. I've already met some of the people from the class that are interested in helping out, so all I need is a good director and I should be in business. I'm pretty sure you can Craig's list that.

And finally, while I haven't looked too far into this yet, I just had to post it, since it related so well: New York Jedi

So there's entire organizations dedicated to teaching proper light saber combat for those who want to make their own lightsaber videos. I think I'll stick to metal weapons for now, but I'm sure it won't be too long before the bug will bite me and I'll have to look these guys up to see what their "lightsaber training" is really like.

Thanks to everyone who's written in on my facebook post about what I should do with my websites and youtube channels. With any luck (and a good day job) I can start working on those soon.

Oh, and my short storys are going well. I'm thinking, based on rights and who I sell them to, of making a book of them: Short stories inspired by life in New York, maybe e-published them as a series, but of course I need some more credibility as an author before I can expect people to start shelling out money like that to me. I'll let you know when they start being ready to send out and publish.

Thanks everyone. See you all in print.


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  1. Good luck! I think those videos would be really neat--and very useful for writing! Don't forget about the rest of us when you're big and famous. Hope that dinner date went well!