Thursday, June 16, 2011

NYC, where all your dreams come true...

So it's official now, I'm in New York City. The plan is I'll be here for 2 months getting a job and a place to live, then I'll come back for World Con, take my family up to the city with me.

It's been fun, although a bit of work. It's not that I'm not prepared, I just didn't realize how much walking and emailing I was going to have to do after I arrived.

So now my day consists of finding auditions, contacting agents, setting up classes, and in any spare moment I can find I'm writing and preparing my worlds for exploration. Wish me luck.

On a related note, I had a friend recently approach me a while ago. She does photography and loves including weapons, but hasn't been able to find a model who actually knew how to use them. I use weapons and needed more pictures for my website. So, we made a deal that I'm proud to show you all.

So now I just need a good acting job and I'm great.

See you all in print,

1 comment:

  1. The pictures are cool-the top one is my fav.

    So you're in NY for two months by yourself? How scary. Way to be independent! Awesome that you're so dedicated, good luck!!