Monday, December 12, 2011

The Art of Joint, Roleplaying Creation

Edit: This was written when I was sick, tired and almost falling asleep.  I write better than this, really I do.  Much better to come soon.

I’ve been running my MMTRPG for a few months now (if you’re not aware, it’s 3-5 Pathfinder adventuring parties taking place in the same world, different DMs, all crossing paths and taking on storylines from different sides.)

It’s been fun, but I’ll admit it’s been tougher than I thought, and not just because the computer with my notes died.  Specifically, I learned:

1. Communicate with the other DMs often.  We kind of fell out of conversation, and so the sessions didn’t run as well as I’d hoped.

2. don’t overexert yourself.  I had three groups who started off with games built around backstories.  But as time went on the stories broke down slightly as I couldn’t keep stories details straight between groups.

3. Create stories jointly.  Every DM likes their story ideas and don’t like being told something doesn’t work.  Make sure the stories are all created together, otherwise you end up with a huge narrative mess.

But don’t think it hasn’t been fun.  After playtesting the concept of a large game like this is sound.  With this next semester starting I’ll only be running one group, although I still hope to play in someone else’s game too.

In other news, I like Skyrim.

Peace out,

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