Thursday, February 9, 2012


Publishing Seraphuul may be far off, but Drop Dead Studios and doing some game design are close.  Very close.  As in March 1st close.

Starting March 1st, we're putting together a kickstarter campaign for our first product-"Rogue Glory," A supplement for Pathfinder that fixes some of the balance issues the Rogue has fallen into in recent companion books.

This is my first product, and I'm excited.  This is my first time using Kickstarter, but if this goes as well it won't be my last.  I'll put more up as I figure it out, but as for now just know that it's coming up and yes I'm biased, but it's looking like it will be a great product.

Anyway, thanks in advance and if you see me at LTUE or another convention, come say hi.  With luck, by CONduit I just might be hanging out in the vendors room.

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