Sunday, February 3, 2013

The New Dragon Riding

When I started this blog, it was going to be about an actor-novelist.  I was going to New York to act, I was working on books... heck, I even have my picture up really huge in the title image, which is something only an actor can get away with.

But then life changed.  I still act (I just did a film that should be out about mid-2013 called Ephraim's Rescue,) but it isn't my focus anymore.  To top that off, I've now started an RPG design company (Drop Dead Studios) which has gotten off to some very good reviews.

So does that mean this blog is going to be yet another writer/game designer blog?  Eh, I'll make it cool anyway.

So over this week, I'll be changing this blog to reflect, well, the new reality.  I'm changing the name from Life of the Modern Bard to Dragon Riding, and while it will still be a personal blog, I'll be writing about my current projects, which include acting, novels, game design, and whatever else I try to do (I'd love to get into video game design as well, since it seems like such an easy fit with my other interests.)

Stay tuned, you all.

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