Saturday, March 23, 2013

Story Architecture-Doing Too Much

When I was young, someone told me that my problem wasn't going to be finding what I was good at.  My problem was going to be focusing myself on a few things so I could be great.  I was one of those kids in high school who went from jazz band to show choir to musical practice to cross country, and even at the college level where you can't divide your specialty, I still managed to study novel writing, singing, acting, film, commercial dance and ballroom dance, all while gaming and being married with 2 children.

Spreading myself too thin has always been a problem, and I'm sure a lot of my pursuits were hampered by just how much time I kept dedicating to other things, but I sort of can't help it.  I'm grateful for the varied experience it's given me, and I'm sure it shows through in my characterizations, but it's just something I've always had a problem with.

Why do I bring this up now?  Because I'm planning my future product lines for Drop Dead Studios, and it's starting to look like my college life.  There are companies out there who make a game and dedicate themselves to it (Paizo, LotFP, Autarch.)  There are companies that make a variety of tabletop goods all centered around a custom campaign setting (Kobold Press, Louis Porter Jr. Design,) but me? I've got plans for the Seraphuul campaign setting, player options to go with it, a video game to set in it, and possibly a youtube series based on it.

And I've got 2 more campaign settings I'll be working on to.

And I'm ok with that. That will be a whole frikkin' lot of work on my end, but I am absolutely ok with that.  And that's because I don't think it's ok to plan small. I think 's ok to start small, but I've heard time and again from people who work in video games, movies, television, and youtube serials that we've moved past the age of story-writing and into the age of story architecture. A good IP needs to be more than a single entity: it needs to be translatable across platforms and mediums. A TV show becomes a comic book series becomes a movie becomes a video game.

Am I stretching myself too thin again?  Possibly.  But I'd rather take the risk and make something grand than sit tight and go slow. And I think Seraphuul is good enough to make the jump.

Wish me luck,

Adam out.

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