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Skybourne Sky-Sailor Slang

I'm proud of this. Proud enough that I wanted to share it. This is designed for the Skybourne campaign setting and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Sky Sailor Slang
Aushet’s Chest: When a delver must be abandoned in the Forest, a ship crashes among the trees,
or a hawk falls off their boat, they say they’ve gone to Aushet’s chest. Aushet is the Fiend of murder
who’s followers sometimes trap the souls of their kills to prevent resurrection; going to Aushet’s chest
means the dead hawk’s body is unrecoverable somewhere on the Forest floor.
“That cursed captain! I’ll send his boat to Aushet’s chest if I have to drag it there myself!”
Aushet’s chest is depicted in artwork as a large wooden treasure chest the Fiend uses to hold souls,
but cruder hawks mean the term differently, and will refer to embracing certain death as ‘nuzzling
Aushet’s breasts’.
“We’re surrounded by teeth, friends. Take a final swig of whatever you have, ‘cause we’re nuzzling
Aushet’s breasts tonight.”
Bag: A simple cloth dirigible. Many of the poorest sailing ships attain flight through the use of a bag.
“The bag’s sprung a leak; get up there and patch up what you can.”
Boat: An airship.
“My boat’s getting repaired, so I’m land-locked for the day.”
Bit: As expletive indicating that something is terribly wrong.
“We’re bit, mate.”
Built for It: This phrase refers to someone being a created, and doing the job that they were, in fact,
created to do. It implies a very great amount of skill.
“The cook claims he’s a dwarf, but his food is so good I wouldn’t be surprised if he was built for it.”
Cannon to the Knee: To get married. “I used to be a delver, but then I took a cannon to the knee and
switched to trading.”
Cannon-Mouth: Skill with words and wit, or a hawk who’s an especially skilled diplomat. “A
cannon-mouth’ll sink a ship as fast as anything, if you use it right.”
Chop Shop: The cryptyards of Andrus. Implies someone is going there as a corpse.
“Poor Dani’s in the chop shop, now.”
Dig: A specific ruin that one might delve for treasure. A ruin with a lot of treasure is called a ‘full dig’,
while an empty or worthless ruin is called a ‘dead dig’.
“The Captain’s on edge because we’ve hit nothing but dead digs for a month, and the loan is coming
Dish: Foolish and inexperienced; someone of low intelligence or skill who’s a danger to those around
“Listen, you dish, go back to the ground where you can’t cause more harm!”
Dine with Cris Anthom: Be overtaken by a storm. Cris Anthom was a legendary sky pirate, whose
exploits were so terrifying that some doubt if he ever existed. Cris Anthom and his vessel, the
Dread Cutter, reportedly travelled in a violent storm, only appearing once another vessel was
thoroughly damaged and disheartened by the winds and rain and leaving no survivors. Whether
the Dread Cutter still exists or ever truly existed, ‘dine with Cris Anthom’ is what sky pirates say if
they can’t outrun a storm.
“Batten down the hatches, mates, we’re dining with Cris Anthom tonight!”
Delve: The act of searching for and excavating ruins, with the express purpose of uncovering
treasures. A hawk who delves is called a delver.
“We’re delving in the morning, so drink up while you can, boys!”
Faring: Adventuring. This is usually attached to wherever the adventure is taking place: woodfaring,
seafaring, skyfaring, darkfaring.
“Delving and woodfaring is what made my fortunes, pij.”
Final Pay: The money given in exchange for being sold as a corpse to the chop shop.
“Dani’s widow’s living off her husband’s final pay, but how long will that last?”
Frost: An oath to the Frost Father, primordial lord of the skies, for protection. Used as an expletive.
“Frost, I hope we live through this.”
Hawk: An experienced sky sailor. Also used to denote anyone with who lives by skill and cunning.
“Last night, three hawks came in to do business with more money than I ever seen!”
The Hub: The city of Andrus, named so because it is the center point where all 4 quarters of the
world meet.
“The plan was to be in the Hub by nightfall, but the pigeons were spinning and demanded the cap’n
plant early.”
Land-Locked: Someone who never sails the skies, not even as a pigeon, if they can avoid it.
“I wasn’t made for bein’ land-locked. The sky’s in my blood.”
Land-Shackled: To be retired from sky sailing.
“He got land-shackled 3 years ago and hasn’t been up since.”
Mealing: To work as a meal in the Midnight District of Andrus.
“Jade can’t get by on her pay, so she’s mealin’ on the side.”
Murdered by Jak Dark: According to sky sailor legend, Jak Dark is the divine agent of Aushet, and
stalks the skies, bringing death to unlucky and foolhardy sailors. Whenever a sky sailor dies of
disease or an accident, it is said that Jak Dark killed him.
Among the more superstitious of sailors, Aushet is quickly gaining a reputation as the Mistress of
Piracy, and Jak Dark is said to be her right-hand man (sometimes with Cris Anthom on her left).
Whether or not this is true is only known by Aushet’s priesthood.
“The poor sod. Looks like Jak Dark got him last night.”
Old Roc: An old sky sailor with a lot of experience.
“Tos is an old roc; he’s been in the air for over 30 years.
Pigeon: Someone who sails the skies, but is not a sailor. A pigeon could be someone only booking
passage on a ship, or someone who works on a ship as an entertainer or courtesan. Sometimes
shortened to ‘pij’. Calling a sky sailor a pigeon is an insult, implying he is useless.
“The captain got us a job as a transport, so now we’re babysitting three pigeons for a few days.”
Plant: To descend to the Forest for an extended period of time, usually by resting on the canopy.
This could be done while the crew descends to find a dig, or when stopping for the night, such as
when a ship doesn’t have the crew to fly 24 hours a day.
“We’ll plant here for the night, then be home by noon tomorrow.”
Quarters: The world of Khrone is sharply divided between 4 different segments, which are called
‘quarters’. These quarters are:
Sky Quarter: The Floating islands and the mountaintop sanctuaries. The ‘safe’ section of the world.
Wood Quarter: The surface of the world; usually refers to the Forest, but also includes the few non-
Forest parts, such as the deserts and the tundra.
Dark Quarter: The underbelly of the world; the deep caves where dark things live, where not even
the Forest roots can reach.
Sea Quarter: The water, both above and below the surface.
5th Quarter: Traveling the maelstrom and the planes beyond is referred to as ‘visiting the 5th Quarter‘.
It’s a dangerous place where the normal laws of reality don’t apply, but it’s also home to endless wealth,
or so the rumors say.
“We’re going to pay us a visit to the wood quarter, boys. Kiss your mates goodbye; we won’t be back
for a month, at least.”
Sniffing for Hounds: To do something incredibly stupid, and usually illegal; inviting the Hounds to
come arrest you, or something equally foolish. “Gorga wants to steal a ship, but I ain’t sniffing for
Spinning: Altitude sickness. Also denotes someone who is inexperienced at sky sailing.
“I wouldn’t trust him with that job yet, sir, he’s still spinning.”
Take a Walk: Telling someone to walk off of an airship (aka, to die).
“It’s a simple proposal; you tell me where the treasure is, or you take a walk. Your choice.”
Tooth: A hostile Forest-dwelling creature, such as a dinosaur or cherufe warrior. Sometimes used
as ‘big tooth’ to refer to a particularly, enormous creature.
“So there I was, staring down no less than twenty teeth and I tell you, I thought I was done for.”

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